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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

i thought my kittens liked lemon meringue pie, for the meringue. well, they like the lemon part, too.

also, on sunday, i had a prophetic fortune cookie-the important thing is to express yourself

44 more Bush weeks to go
44 Bush weeks to go
Madrid go boom
socialist win
44 more Bush weeks to go

Monday, March 15, 2004

more about Napoleon III-the second empire

'His government was frequently, almost incessantly, involved in wars; yet the emperor himself was doubtless sincere in proclaiming his wish for peace.'
here's where is sounds straight from george's pie hole.
"the Empire menaces none; it desires to develope in peace and full independence the vast resources it has recieved from heaven." (of course geoge would use God instead of heaven)

more from my 1903 encyc history of france. OK, it has been a LONG long slog.

in the 'second empire under the nephew of napoleon-the men around Louis Bonaparte had won power by conspiracy: and it did not hesitate to KEEP it by a massacre.

Louis had BAD/EVIL puppet masters as well as you know who.

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