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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

and whoever came up with the new bush/cheney slogan-Don't switch horses mid-apocalypse, needs to get a pulitzer.

well, i am in the middle of the empire of napoleon of my 1903 encyc brit, i am getting sick of the french. but i only have about 7 pages to go. BUT, napoleon does have it's george parallels.
when in the midst of napoleons expanding over europe, he UNDERATED THE OBSTINANCY OF HIS ENEMIES.
sounds like the neoconderthal's that expected flower petals.

and another segemnt- neither the principles of nationality nor that of independence of thought was COMPATIBLE with either empire or papacy.(aparently napoleon had the current pope in house arrest).

47 more Bush weeks to go
47 Bush weeks to go,
marry bruce and steve?
OH NO, say georgie
47 more bush weeks to go

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