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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

found a great new nickname for evangellical rite wingers-Talibornigains.

50 more Bush weeks to go
50 Bush weeks to go,
ricin to Frisky
Janet'ss boobie
50 more Bush weeks to go.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

ugh. and now my take on cabbage boy.-from the editorial in our 1-30 paper.

of course his EMPHASISES activities(who wants to do arcehery and who wants to go with the horse-riding group?)
Sadaam was lying, but also duped-DUH! sadaam was fooled by a weapons ponzi scheme. why can't he say george was as foolish as sadaam?

of course he totally agrees with Kay and the democrats are RECLASS fr saying that george SEXED up the WMD claims.-never mind that the CIA told him that NOTHING was sure as of yet and Wilson proved there was no african yellowcake but GEORGE HAD TO USE IT IN HIS SOTU.
do you remember that snafu, kraut?
of course cabbage, throw in some Clinton bashing.
and yes, cabbage, insist the war WAS LEGAL, but insinuate that even if it wasn't WE HAD TO! for SECURITY! of course neglect to say who sadaam actually threatened.
and of course his 'brilliant' finish. george was right, dammit, in everything he does.

gee, that was extra blatheringesque(to use the TDS new terminology).
well, i suppose it could have been worse. like a Annthrax editoial. Cabbage boy may be crazy, but she is just insane.

John McCain is obviously passive-aggressive about his party. he really needs to see that since his party HAS been stolen by rite wing evangelical 'christians', he needs to KILL the ones who have solen his party. he MUST not support george, just because he is the bearer of power for Mccain's party. if you continue as you have john, you are just a collaborator in the nazification.

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