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Friday, January 30, 2004

i just LUV my new name for Joe Leiberputz. Joementum is just so fuckin easy to make JOEMENTAL.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

i'm late, but i've been busy.

51 more Bush weeks to go
51 Bush weeks to go
no WMDs
NH and onward
51 more Bush weeks to go

Monday, January 26, 2004

sigh, now my duty. doodie duty. doodie doodie doodie.
cabbage boy is indeed crazy.
apparently he too thinks Dean is toast(ahhh, FRENCH TOAST!), which saddens him because he thinks george will trounce the 'crazy' Dr. with multitudes of coat-tails that will bring in an everlasting barage of rite-wing judges to make america just like it was in jolly ol' 1950! george make a BIBLICAL LANDSLIDE upon the shores of america!
the funny thing is that he sees this as a GOOD thing. i thinks the goo...um the dr.krauthammer is suffering from severe delusions.
he also thought the SOTU was resoundng success(never mind what actual americans think-cabbageboy's people are all that matter dammit and don't you forget that).
shit, i hope Dean gets the nomination just so cabbageboy can watch his beloved george sink into the morass of his out culpability.
of course he hits the meme that Dean was ABSOLUTELY WRONG THAT WE ARE NOT SAFER AFTER SADAAM'S CAPTURE. um, how many of us died in america BEFORE his capture and how many soldier's have died since sadaam's capture?

reading his tripe paragraph by paragraph, oy, didn't read it all yesterday.
aparently we against the war did not think Hussien's regime was finished. gee, i knew sadaam was toast the minute george insisted he was a patient man, but invaded anyways.

well, he isn't completely stupid, he does see iWaq as a problem, but then he loses any sense of reality by calling george's foreign policy as strong. gee, his coalition is just FULL of the world's powerhouses. but then i am not sure, is samoa part of the willing?

back to angry Dean meme. been there, got anything else? ooh, the scream! tee hee, the scream that ate DC! come on nascar dads, would you rather watch th superbowl with Dean, or that pretzil choaking preznit?
well, i hope cabbageboy does get his dream candidate, so he can suffer the UNBELIEVABLE(to his clouded vision)downfall of the idiot bush.
why does this crazy man have a column?

i think i found my favorite Dean yawp-dean's aggression(hypno-dub mix) by artificial humanity. would like to hear THAT one at the inaguration.

well, i finally hit the FRENCH revolution in my 1903 encyclopedia britanica. an before any chopping of heads goes on, the angry people come forth with the French Declaration of the Rights of Men. and some caught my eye.
#4 Liberty is the power of doing what we will, so long as it does not ingure another.-america could do with adding that last part to our constitution
#10 Freedom of religion, PROVIDED THEY ARE NOT SUBVERSIVE OF PUBLIC ORDER.-ditto-time to take out the evangelicals eh?

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