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Thursday, January 22, 2004

1 more rant.
WHY are democrats americans 1st and democrats 2nd, but it's party before country for republicans.
where is your balls McCain?

my ocal had a story about this being the year of the monkey and i thought another appropriate chinese year.2002 was year of the snake. and a snaky bush year it was. 2003, year of the horse, media wHORES. and now monkey, another chimperor year. what's next?

i know i know. i am late.

52 more Bush weeks to go
52 Bush weeks to go
52 more Bush weeks to go

yes there was a reason why i was late. but i am not telling why tuesday. but wed? well, got a new boiler for the radiators. guy starts at 9am. THY DO NOT FINISH TIL 11PM. this is WI. it is mid 20's outside and when the sun sets a front moves in the wind starts blowing and the temps drop down to 0. and then he bleeding the radiators commences.
heat blessed heat.

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