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Saturday, January 17, 2004

i promised kitten story.

well, this morning, BEFORE my coffee, i noticed Sybil was nibbling on something crunchy. now what did she have. well, i grab it out of her mouth and and and IT'S A FUCKING DESICCATED MOUSE CORPSE! EEW EEW EEW!!!!!
shit, after i am done freaking, i gotta throw the damn thing away. blegh!
please sybil, next time AFTER my coffee.

now will i have odd dreams tonight?

oy vay. i have condemned myself to read cabbage boy charles sour puss kraut hammer. blegh. but at least i have a kitten story to cleanse the palate.

cabbage boy. well, he IS insane. he wants to be an astronaut too. build a space camp on the moon and go to different planets. he and george can have so much fun together. they both had this wonderful plan.
but he pouts so because everybody things george is crazy.
while i agree that that space loop-the shuttle did basically nothing but training for humans and what fun! but let's face it, there REALLY IS NO POINT to putting people in space when frankly machines are quicker and more effecient and well, don't need water, food, and fucking AIR. and gravity helps too.
if you want to play explorer chuck, how about plundering the dark dark soul of Cheney and karl. but then since YOU are crazy, you will diagnose them as normal.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

i was just reading in Al Franken's lie book about how george inherited Clintons FABULOUS military, as each president works with the previous pres's military and i just had the thought. what in the fuck kinda military is the next pres gonna inherit?
very scary thought indeed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

53 more Bush weeks to go
53 Bush weeks to go
O'Neill squeals on you
Bully off to mexico
53 more Bush weeks to go.

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