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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

more kitten stuff. Basil likes pears. that is a surprise. meatballs i understand. lentil soup? well, it was a bit salty and had ham.

but a few minutes ago, he pounced OVER his sister. what a silly boy.

so, in that history of France, it is now in the 'Bourbons', and Richelieu. and at first i couldn't decide if he was Cheney or Rove(histoory repeat). here's the description-he was a 'great man of lower level, one whom one fears, perhaps admires, but never loves.
obviously Rove is the choice as Cheney is quite stupid. most of the major maladministration missteps have been at HIS bidding.

and now Halliburton being thrown off the oil detail. tch tch.

55 more Bush weeks to go,
55 Bush weeks to go,
Asscroft Plaimed
1 more fuckin year
55 more Bush weeks to go

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