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Friday, December 12, 2003

i could blog about stupid Democratic candidates more obsessed with themselves than the good of the country and stupid talking heads 'and there must be an ulterior motive for Gore(YA! beating the chimperro!).
but instead i have a nice simple kitten story.

Basil is more omniverous everyday. I made a VERY german main dish. BAVARIAN sauerkraut over pork 'ribs'. cooked in an cast iron chicken pot(griswold of course). of course he wanted the pork, but left sauerkraut that was on top of them??? oh dear, is his shit gonna stink worse or less? sauerkraut???

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

apparently the debate was more media bullshiting.
and here i thought people MENT that 9/11 changed everything.
bah humbug



i am very sad to hear, former Senator Paul Simon passed away after his heart surgery. he and chaffee where 2 of my senatorial sartorial heros. Of course Clinton had the balls to wear a kickass tie when he was interviewed on McNeil/Lehrer.
but i never cottoned to Robert Byrds baby blue suits. now that is just ....bad.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

so far no calls from the FBI

58 more Bush weeks to go
58 Bush weeks to go
Gore for Dean
shut up Joe
58 more Bush weeks to go.

Monday, December 08, 2003

wouldn't it be absolutely fuckin HILARIOUS if because of the NRA wet dream of a bill(which orders the FBI to destroy gun records after a TWENTY-FOUR HOURS)reulted in a nut getting a gun and offing the chimp?

mind you nutsos, this is not a hint but just a little unintended consequence maybe the NRA and all americans should think about.

funking gun nuts.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

and just had to vent a little about Lou Dobbs little poll.
If there is a recovery going on, why are the majority SPENDING LESS. Of course george gave the tax cut to the people LEAST LIKELY TO SPEND IT. fucking knob.

of course then there is the story in today's paper about the total fraud of education 'reform' in texass. It is so sad that students left school feeling good about their grades and there chances in the world and they get rolled over by their rote-teach to the test-edjumication.

FUCK BUSH and the lies he rode in on. This disgrace should be shouted by our nominee!

of course the unending clusterfuck in WAfganistan and iWaq should be the easiest example why the chimp MUST GO.

off now to do a little primal scream and kitten therapy. (good thing these kittens don't mind my screams)

a little history lesson from my 1903 encyclopedia-
Louis XI 'the terrible', was quite a war monger who ruled for several decades. who pushed for an absolute monarchy and ruled with little regard to it's(France's) own true WELFARE.

does that sound like anybody we know?

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