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Friday, November 14, 2003

yesterday, i went to the farmers market. got some carrots, onions and MORE apples. It was quite deserted. only a few venders and very few hardy shoppers in the frigid winds and 35f degrees.
but when i got my carrots and had a small chat with the farmer dude. started on the GB Packers(he mentioned my rings and i said 3 of the stack rings were the packer rings-green and gold). i said i gave up on the season and was more interested in watching that other sport-politics. he said all pols were corrupt, who was there that was any good. I should have said feingold too, but i said Obey. and then i said Bush was corrupt and a theif. cheney too and he did not seem to disagreee at all by that statement.
he said niether party helped farmers-but then who is harming them more?

Thursday, November 13, 2003

62 more Bush weeks to go
62 Bush weeks to go.
30 hours of crap
Friskie is a sap
62 more Bush weeks to go.

1st things 1st-

as a woman, it is really assuring that repoopicans think i am nothing but a fetus incubator.

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