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Saturday, October 25, 2003


luddites head starting to hurt. tag broken???



so, the soldiers survived that helicopter crash. i guess it wasn't a chinook then right?

oh, i am a luddite, so don't know if this will work. if ANYBODY reads this little shit blog, tell me if the link works.
the FIRST voodoo Bush monkey. download and stiick it every tuesday like i do. one less Bush week to go.


Thursday, October 23, 2003

i wish i could post pictures, becuse my voodoo george monkey for the soldiers he has killed in iWaq has 344 pins as of now. 3 more since yesterday.

as i have commented elsewhere and before. I have kept a tally siince people moaned about Clinton going into Bosnia. here it is.
3 were killed in bosnia. Bad Clinton BAD!
7 died in a helicopter crash(design flaw) 1 suicide and 1 not reported why=9 in Kosovo.
well, then we have that lauded Bush-
7 have died in just terror shit/not afganistan or iWaq
about 30 died in afganistan-15 in hostile fire, 11 accidents, 3 friendly fire and 4 canadians.
and then there is iWaq.

344 for lies. no WMD. NONE

by the way, SINCE the start of Bosnia stuff, 340 soldiers have died PLAYING WAR, 20 missing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

65 more Bush weeks to go,
65 Bush weeks to go,
inch by inch
drip, drip drip
65 more Bush weeks to go.

if Bush is down to 49% how will the MWs ever handle it. their chosen one is not loved as he said. boo hoo.

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