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Thursday, May 01, 2003

OK, i am a tad less verclempt. Oh, Cosmo was such a wonderful boy. I shall miss him forever. 10 years was NOT ENOUGH!

OK. before i left and somebody asked when i was going back to United Bluff. Of course being me I said Ooh! is that an insult to america? Well, i did not get a good insult from it.(darn) But it is like we are so young and all our bluster, pushing the world around. Just about everybody i talked in depth with, detests Bush and many also can't stand Rummy. Did i say that Denmark is a very nice place to be?

One of the biggest insults if you will is that Bush is a stupid cowboy. I apologized for my 'leader'. heck. I was going to say i was canadian.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

forget though, my Danish friend (she is over 40) believes that Bush has set up this agency to manipulate all the news and everything. but then the press has certainly colluded in all this so maybe she is right.

right now i am a bit too sad to blog. My other cat had to be put to sleep while i was away and its just too much. shit, fuck, shit shit.
Isn't living under Bushit enough shit To ENDURE????

well, 90 weeks shall suffice.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

oops double post. oh well.
I have a little snippit from Denmark, but i leave it til i am HOME!!! just not a good blogging mode here in manhattan. i guess i need some MEAT in me. oh, the pain of being a carnivore staying with macro-nuerotics!

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