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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

well, since i am gonna be an expat til April 25th. i will just pray that the war is over by the time i get back to USA(ha!).
if i can post i will tell you how an american(ish) chick is treated in the kingdom(queendom) of denmark.

94 more Bush weeks to go
94 more weeks to go
Aprils fool,
bush IS a fool
94 more Bush weeks to go.

OK, recalculation time. we have 94 weeks to the next inaugeration so i am countin from there. geez, its like 99 bootles again. sick of having to put them back on the wall.

Monday, March 31, 2003

I have not quite gotten to caligula's assasination, but i did get to a part that is close in parallel. in his time The Stoics, who adhered to a creed of the paramountcy of nature and rational life(boy does that sound like the left?), were in the conspiracy against Caligula. They became courageous opposition to rulers they considered far from benevolent.
sigh, many of course where condemned before they finally got Caligula. Does a dixie chick count?

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