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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Wow, a civil war battlefield has been saved from being developed in VA. As glad as i am, I have a feeling it was saved cause it was the sight of a major victory by Gen. Lee.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

oh I am so sad. It is worse than i thought. we have, "gulp", 84 more bloody weeks of this Badministration.
here i thought I came up with badministration this morning and i stumble upon it on a blog.

i am sorry to hear about Pat Moynihan(hey if it ain't spelled right how can you blame me? i don't even live in his state). well, at least he doesn't have to endure the rest of the bushivic regime.

I think I finally figured out Colon Powell.
It was foolish of us to expect Him to stem the badministration puffing on Iraq.
This all to cover up his MAJOR fuck up on stopping the 1st GW before getting their 'hitler'.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Much has been going on about Russia selling shit to sadaam, but after reading my latest Washington Monthly, its more likely it was Milosevic and the serbs. Boy they certainly are a nasty ball of crap.
I love that Putin gave him the metaphorical finger after we or should i say 'we' started to bomb sadaam.

one less bush week to go
one less week to go
Bombs are a fallin
hope his polls do as well

gee i almost forgot. why in the world did i watch sweet home alabama. ick poo. More southern culture we don't need. but then fred ward is still VERY fine. and the other guys weren't bad either.

well I will do my computations thanks to annatopia on just how many weeks we have to go, OR should i start a daily thing?

Monday, March 24, 2003

and in the next chapter-Divine honours.
Cruelty and incompitence may be unatatractive traits of a despot.

more from Caligula- after his 'british and german campains' 'His drems of great conquest and of emulating or even surpassing his ancestors had gone unfulfilled.'
sound familiar?

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