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Friday, March 21, 2003

i have been to depressed to rant. I get a nice ILLEGAl war for my birthday. But maybe it will turn out nice because it will be the big fat petard that blows up in the Twits monkey face.

On the bright side, the protests continue. The dems aren't taking it lying down anymore, they are gonna stand up to the tank. we shall not be cowed anymore. so freepers-shut up!

I have been watchin Tough(?-rough) Crowd on comedy central and i heard something really good said by a black Comic.
the whites want blacks to forget THREE HUNDRED YEARS of slavery, but whites can't forget THIRTY YEARS of affirmative action. I think that says it all. Aina?

which gets us to one of my favorite regionalisms. aina-which means 'is that not so'. so much in that little word. It is disappearing here so i tri and keep it alive.
Of course my second favorite is Moo bossie. I think that is easy to figure out, but some just don't get the south eastern word for cow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I have to recalculate the # of Bush weeks. But i will do that AFTER i come back from Denamrk in May. too busy to do it now, BUT
one less bush week to go
one less week to go
Bush makes war
all by himself
one less bush week to go.

What was Blair thinking???

oh goody. i get a war for my B-day. How fucking wonderful.


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