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Friday, January 31, 2003

now i know the pain of spam. i was freeped. Must be the freepers trying to get me to shut up. AS IF!
This chick is never gonna shut up. well, until it is impossible. which segues into death-That really pissed me off on the news today. some industry/govt. officail complaining because some group is concerned about chemicals/heavy metals showing up in blood samples. 'they are making it out like we are all going to die'. well guess what bunky. we ARE all gonna die. nobody gets out alive. Now, HOW we die is another thing, and frankly, cancer is not my top choice.

so much to rant about, but to lazy to type. I'm hungry too.

Geek alert!
I recently took possession of 3 books from a 1903 set of encyclopedia's. while waiting, I started to read the F one(not that it had ALL the fs). family is entered and almost 4 long pages. i only got a few paragraphs in and I hit interesting shit. the root of family is tied to slaves and another word for roman slaves was Thrall-OOH! Star Trek flashback! that triad planet where Kirk and Ahura were slaves. The one with the 3 brains in tupperware. My, those writers sure were literate. I wonder if those trekkies know of that source?

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

63 more bush weeks to go
63 bush weeks to go
state of the union bad
goin to war in Iraq
waggin the dog
63 more bush weeks to go

Of course i refused to watch bushit and see him applauded. I had better things to do. and of course there was that dog show. well, at least that stupid poodle of shit sue didn't win.

Monday, January 27, 2003

i just have to rant. in an interview about * declining poll #s. card said it is because of the poopican takeover of the senate and the mid term gains. heh????????? Wouldn't that be a sign he should be MORE POPULAR?!? talk about trying to obfuscate that people are discovering what a big fat lier he is. what a bunch of turds.

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