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Friday, January 10, 2003

I finished Studs Terkels-the good war. I will miss the pleasure of reading that. Now as pres. twit has been compared, i am now reading Caligula-anthony barrett. I din't even get through the foreward and i got 2 lines that could be applied to Bushit.
#1 -history seems to teach us nothing.
#2 the Roman senatesoon came to regret that they had so enthusiastically handed over supreme power to a personable but totally inexperienced young man.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

oh, almost forgot this little snippit. I got locked and had to restart computer. the stupid online poll when i first logged on was-do you support Twit's stimulus plan? It had slightly fewer yeses(52%) to nos. Changed in the 3 hours since i started. Boy, did they remove the poll when it wasn't getting overwhelming support?!?

watched a bit of C-span last night. my, with a stimulus like Bushit's, who needs enemies? What i really can't understand is why don't reporters get it and report it? Hope the baby boom is saving every goddamned penny they see. Oy, my generation is so screwed.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

95 bush weeks more to go,
95 bush weeks to go.
stimulus plan,
all for the rich,
95 more bush weeks to go.

just want to say i am changing ari fleisher's tag - f-lie-sure!

On Bushit's 'stimulus plan' for the rich, can we PLEASE get rid of the McClellan's fighting for our side and get a fuckin U.S. Grant?!?

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