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Friday, January 03, 2003

just reading the local rag. a OIL tanker hit a wreck in the english channel. Luckily double hulled. But BUT, it ignored safety bouy's and HOURLY radio warnings. WHO,WHO in the hell is dreiving these things?????

Oh, I forgot to mention that pRes. * was on VACATION AGAIN!!!!! N.Korea, enh, its christmas. I gotta go.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

this morning with the blogs about frist and the florida SUV crash, i commented at least twice - SuperFrist and low and behold. ATC has a little satire on that note. Now, i am sure they didn't read my little comments.....but

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

96 more bush weeks to go,
96 more Bush weeks to go,
new year to boot
economy poop
96 more Bush weeks to go

oh and what a happy new year it is. war on the cusp. falling idicators. we go from a prosperous economy to the cut tax and red ink man. boy. those supremes really know how to pick them. guess that's why we have ELECTIONS. may renquist and the other 4 get galloping diarhea

Monday, December 30, 2002

how bout this tidbit-the new REPOOPICAN chairman to 9/11 has ties to OSAMA BIN LADEN's Brother in law. Ok i am sure over there they are all related, but you can't find ANYBODY without ties to the mideast???

Oh, and the Bushivics are blaming the economy on Clinton again. 'it was bad before we took office' whine. Huh? not blaming it on 9/11?!? well we know it ain't that. HE HAS HAD 2 FUCKING YEARS and how many TAX CUTS to the RICH? Why not just admit the tax fix DOESN"T WORK but only a gift to contributers???

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