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Friday, October 18, 2002

A definate sign that Repunicans have WAY too much money. Yet again The bushit regime brings dignity back to the white house by using telemarketing. Why don't they just join Amway? This time by one of my OLD favorites from WI, the slimy toad Tommy f#$%in Thompson. And could I hang up?!? Of course not! What is the # for the FCC????

What kind of alert or surprise will the Bushies use to have repugnicans prevail. Or will our prayers be answered. OH PLEASE GOD!

Now that it looks like our allies are in EMMINANT danger from N. Korea. Will the scales fall from the eyes of the press and the American public?
I suppose I expect to much. We few who refuse to be swayed by the 'charm' of chimp boy are too few and shouting in the wilderness. But we are getting closer to 'civilization'.

I have just seen a picture of Jeb in our paper. He has a stupid face like his brother. I now believe that all the Bushes are on the stupid side. Can we end this dynasty NOW????

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Not a lot of rant worthy stuff now. Where's georgie? But lets turn to another Bush.
So, police cannot use the staff of Noelle Bush's rehab ceter. Have they thought of using the pissed off inmates that see her preferencial treatment by the staff??? They might want to spill the beans. Heck, who called the cops in the first place?

Monday, October 14, 2002

Read a fawning piece in the paper how the 'wonderful' Bushes read a lot now in the 'White House'. Poor Georgie, he finally has to do homework. Too bad we can't give him pop quizzes. At least I KNOW Clinton READ his papers AND read BOOKS!

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